Travel like a local

4x4 drive

San Pedro Sula to Naranjito village.
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Local 4×4 vehicles going up the mountains back to their villages are the main transportation method in and out of the National Park.

They come down to the city early in the morning to sell their crops, buy supplies for the farm or do errands. The trucks ride back to the villages normally from 12 noon to 2 pm.

We hire this vehicles to be ready for us by 6:00 am at HIT GYM. The group and the guide have to be ready to hitch hike the back of the pick up trucks up the mountain.

Vehicles can vary from 1965 toyota landcruisers to 2017 Hilux.

Elevation data from San Pedro Sula to the towers:
1,236 m: Elev Gain
25 m: Elev Loss
195 m: Min Elev
1,530 m: Max Elev

Elevation data from the towers to Naranjito Village:
42 m: Elev Gain
378 m: Elev Loss
1,151 m: Min Elev
1,544 m: Max Elev

Total duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.