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San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

About us

Once we visit a destination and travel a route we must thank earth for giving us the opportunity of enjoying its nature. I feel the need to give back by sharing this world and the experiences that come by connecting people to the environment.

Social and ecological development through fitness and adventure travel.

What do we do – The JungleXpedition proyect
For more than 10 years we recollected information of different destinations to create the ultimate Honduran outdoor fitness guide. Our goal is to promote routes that have been verified, measure and reviewed by fellow travelers. Currently we are uploading the new data from many years of explorations. GPS coordinates, arrangment of local guide services, travel logistics and more.

How do we do it
–Private tours with foreigners (Book a trip – send us an email to open a date)
–Fitness races with our gym community (Join a group)
–Recon trips (Help us track more routes)
–Personal adventure (Travel off records)

Most of this routes have been under the radar of traditional travel.

Where do we work?
Our base camp is located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We own a cool gym that arranges outdoor fitness activities for a national and international audience. We also host visitors in our facilities for overnight stays before their adventures with us. It may seem weird but Hondurans lack the outdoor culture. This country would be a hotspot for outdoor sports and adventure travel.
Our main route is Cusuco National Park. Located next to San Pedro, inside Sierra Merendon.

About the author – Juan Paz

Adventure guide, ex red cross member, fitness instructor, gym manager & electronic marketing.


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Cusuco National Park

Sierra Merendon


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